ViaPartner Ratings

What you need to know about ViaPartner Ratings & what they mean

The Driver Rating with Via is a simple but smart rating system that measures a driver partner’s overall ability to service rides and deliver great experiences for our shared customers on the Via Platform.

The ViaPartner Rating:

– Measures Rider Ratings, Successful Pickups, and Arrival Times.
– Provides a ranking on a 0 – 10 scale.

What We Measure:

Rider Ratings

Average Ride Rating from Via riders

Partners with the best Rider Ratings…

  • Greet riders with a hello & confirm their names
  • Are courteous and respectful
  • Have relaxed music & drive safely
  • Handle difficult situations professionally

Successful Pick Ups

The percentage of rides assigned that are completed successfully

Partners with the most Successful Pick Ups…

  • Keep an eye on their device for new rides
  • Text Via Ops to help find riders
  • Avoid delays to reach rider on time

Arrival Time

The percentage of riders pickup up within 3 minutes of your expected arrival time

Partners with great Arrival Times…

  • Leave on time for rides
  • Avoid delays on the way to pick ups and drop offs
  • Choose alternate routes to avoid obstacles

Acceptance Rate

How many ride requests you accept

Partners with the high acceptance rates…

  • Accept most new ride requests
  • Pay close attention to the Via Partner app – you have 20 seconds to accept a ride!

Cancellation Rate

How many rides you cancel after accepting them

Partners with the low cancellation rates…

  • Avoid canceling accepted rides
  • Do not accept rides that they cannot complete

Ratings Impact

What does my ViaPartner Rating mean?

  • High Ratings

    Highly Rated Drivers Earn More! Via recognizes the impact of great driver partners. Highly rated driver partners are eligible for weekly bonuses of up to $100!

  • Low Ratings

    Drivers with low ViaPartner Ratings should focus on reaching their destinations in a timely manner, not missing pickups, and providing exceptional customer experiences for riders in the car. Drivers who earn a Via Driver Rating of 8.0 or less for more than two weeks may be disaffiliated from the system.


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